CARELEADERS® is the first of a new corporate category called “patient-centered care” companies. The focus is the care experience of both the patients and the caregivers who serve them.

Founded in 2006, the company seeks to have a national impact through organizations that will lead the industry through transformational improvement of their leadership systems, workforce systems, and patient interaction systems.

Our vision is to create a new standard of care through our partners who will CREATE A REMARKABLE EXPERENCE® for their patients AND their caregivers.a

Mr. Terry “Moose” Millard, a former fighter and airline pilot, is a cancer survivor who describes an ideal remarkable care experience as “when you know me – when caregivers know who I am and my medical information…when you love me – by practicing the Golden Rule…and when you make it easy for me – when your systems make the care process as easy as possible.”

Our mission is to revitalize our partners’ leadership systems, workforce systems, and patient systems through world-class best practices that will save lives, save money, and build value in the communities we serve. Our METRICS of success will be the measures, standards, and practices of clinical, operational, and financial performances used by certifying, regulatory, and purchasing organizations to identify the “best of the best.”

“Ships are not built to ride at anchor. Our hospitals were not built to ride at the anchor of cost containment and languish in the harbor of complacency. They are built to carry us on our mission – to restore our patients to better health as safely as possible. We will provide trustees, CEOs, and leadership teams with a helm to grasp, a course to steer, and a port to seek. Our partners will power their way to new performance horizons by every and any measure.”

Dr. Charles Denham, CARELEADERS® Co-founder.

We define CARECULTURE as a hospital culture that is driven by patient care values.

The CARECULTURE® Management Toolset is a suite of management resources designed to increase patient safety, patient and employee satisfaction, and optimize revenues by recruiting and retaining quality employees. As shown in this illustration, the CARECULTURE® Management Toolset includes concepts, tools and resources for each of five CARECULTURE® Competencies:

Our STRATEGY is to handpick everyone associated with us for the values they live; from our employees to our customers and our investors: all will be worthy of the name CARELEADERS.

CARELEADERS® and CREATE A REMARKABLE EXPERIENCE® are Trademarks of HCC Corporation, licensed to CareLeaders.