• CARELEADERS® defines this as the optimal joint patient and employee care experience – one in which patients can say, “You know me, you love me, and you have made it easy for me.” It is one in which caregivers can say, “You led me, you loved me, and you made being a caregiver joyful again.” Such an experience is, in the words of the Institute of Medicine, “safe, clinically effective, timely, efficient, and equitable across populations” (Crossing the Quality Chasm, IOM; 2001).

  • Our Business: CareLeaders® is the first of a new corporate category called “patient-centered care” companies. Our business is to empower healthcare organizations to create an extraordinary “experience” for patients AND the caregivers who deliver their care. Perverse economic incentives and complexity have led to the current healthcare crisis. The entire economic model of healthcare is being disrupted. This disruption has been catalyzed by systems failures, the new demands for quality and transparency, dissatisfied patients, and, most critical of all, pay-for-performance (P4P) reimbursement. By handpicking our customers, leveraging world-class healthcare and industry experts, applying workforce and customer satisfaction best practices, and building on a foundation of values and leadership, the company leverages the market forces to Create A Remarkable Experience® for patients and care providers. Our performance partners will become the care leaders whom the market is ready and demanding to reward.
  • HCC Corporation and TMIT: Health Care Concepts Corp. (HCC) is a healthcare channel developer and investor that has a long-standing history of market penetration successes with global companies and national healthcare initiatives. CareLeaders® targets a known customer base through a market channel created by HCC, which has built trust, access to leaders, and a database of very detailed and powerful performance information. HCC has funded and developed the nation’s largest research product, service, and solutions test bed of 3,100 hospitals with Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT), its sister organization. TMIT is a 501c3 medical research organization that leads national performance standards in quality and safety. It has developed the survey and ranking system for The Leapfrog Group that impacts $69 billion in healthcare purchasing of more than 170 Fortune 500 companies for more than 34 million covered lives.
  • Leadership and Values: Because we believe that leaders drive values, values drive behaviors, and behaviors drive performance of an organization, we have carefully adopted values that we expect to see in our performance partners. Our values are “people-centered.”
    • Patient-Centered Care
    • Performance Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Passion
    • Courage
    • Servant Leadership

    The minds, bodies, and spiritual health of the patients AND caregivers are at the heart of the care experience. Our solutions must save lives, save money, and build value in the communities we serve.

  • Core Competencies: CareLeaders® brings together the most powerful set of competencies ever assembled to drive healthcare enterprise performance. Clinical, operational, and financial performances are intrinsically interdependent and tightly coupled. The leadership, workforce, and customer experience development systems contributed by PeopleInk, coupled with HCC’s market channel access and expertise in medicine, engineering, business, performance psychology, and communications provide a powerful integrated solution approach.
  • A Delaware Corporation: The company is a Delaware corporation formed in 2006.
  • Business Location: The company has offices in Texas and California.
  • Business Scope: CareLeaders® targets the three major trading partners of the healthcare value chain: the healthcare suppliers who sell products, services, and technologies to providers, who are the caregivers and organizations delivering care to patients, and the purchasers QualityLeaders® of healthcare, including the intermediary payers and direct purchasers of healthcare. The initial primary targets are providers, with specific focus on acute-care hospitals, nursing homes and extended care/residence facilities, and imaging centers.Our sister company, Corp. offers advice and guidance relating to implementation of regulatory requirements into hospital operations to enhance patient experience and safety. This QualityLeaders® offering consists of advisory services for business management and for organization and management of business operations so that regulatory requirements are integrated into the business operation. When regulatory requirements are implemented, these are often correlated with increasing patient safety and “quality.” Specifically, we help hospital management set up systems that promote the National Quality Forum Safe Practices as promulgated in the national report “Safe Practices for Better Healthcare – a consensus report” published by the National Quality Forum. The term “Quality” in our proposed trademark relates to what might increase once regulatory implementation is instilled into operations. The “Leaders” term relates to helping our client hospitals become “innovators” in adapting the new Safe Practice regulations so when using our system, your organization integrates the QualityLeaders®culture, which then enhances the patient and work environment and qualifies you as one of the innovators in implementing patient safety practices.

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