“Not only the right thing to do…the right thing to do to get paid”

  • Business Scope: CARELEADERS® targets the three major trading partners of the healthcare value chain: (1) the healthcare suppliers who sell products, services, and technologies to providers; (2) providers, who are the caregivers and organizations delivering care to patients; and (3) the purchasers of healthcare – including the intermediary payers and direct purchasers of healthcare. The initial primary targets are providers, with specific focus on acute-care hospitals, nursing homes and extended care/residence facilities, and imaging centers.

  • Enterprise-Wide Performance: CARELEADERS® provides a low-cost, high-impact path to extraordinary clinical, operational, and financial performance for organizations ready to lead their market. It enables a care organization to continually CREATE A REMARKABLE EXPERENCE® for patients and employees. The CARELEADERS® approach is a patient-centered, evidence-based, systems-targeted approach that drives enterprise-wide performance.
  • A Business-to-Business Service Company: The company provides products and services through a combination of an application service provider (ASP), a web-based knowledge management system, and direct professional services. Healthcare organizations receive access to renewing content, including concepts, tools, and resources. They also receive customized tools and decision support services, and participate in a community of practice which is served by four national meetings, periodic webinars, and national collaborative phone calls.
  • Business Model: Recurring revenue streams are developed from a subscriptions services payment mechanism and 2- to 3-year contract terms. A software formula is used, based on upgrades, maintenance, and decision support. A Pay-for-Performance<font “size=”-1″”>TM model is offered to some hospitals such that the CARELEADERS® Hospitals financial strategy will provide a gain-sharing mechanism to benefit from the impact it generates from our services.

CARELEADERS® and CREATE A REMARKABLE EXPERENCE® are Trademarks of HCC Corporation, licensed to CareLeaders.